Ty Galan Home

Ty Galan is a large semi-detached end of terrace home with three bedrooms and all the communal living space that is associated with a warm and welcoming family home.

Children can reside at Ty Galan between the ages of 8 and 19, and can attend Ty Coryton, our school on the outskirts of Cardiff, for education.


Ty Galan is a large semi-detached home on a quiet residential street a short walk from the town of Porth in the Rhondda Valley.

It offers a large bedroom each for up to three children, with two lounges, a kitchen and bathroom and outdoor space at the back of the house. An experienced and enthusiastic care and therapeutic team ensures that children are supported to become independent and active members of their community. Children who reside at Ty Galan have access to full time education at Ty Coryton on the outskirts of Cardiff.

Children living at Ty Galan have access to Porth, with its shops and amenities, including The Orb, our pioneering work skills centre located on the high street in the town.

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Ty Galan provides bright and stimulating learning and living environments that embrace individuality, inspire confidence and encourage children to learn through having fun. By focussing on the child and their strengths, personality, abilities and aspirations, as well as their specific needs, our pupils grow into happy and independent young people with confidence and a life that is both socially-valued and fulfilled.

We support children to be active and valued members of their community, through a model of education and care that is underpinned by Positive Behaviour Support which ensures that positive behaviour and learning are celebrated, repeated and reinforced.

We support pupils to develop skills that help them to progress both in education and in life, encouraging them to make positive choices and maintain their overall wellbeing.

We also work closely with families, carers and professionals so that education is delivered with the pupil’s best interests at heart.


The town of Porth is said to be the gateway to the Rhondda Valley and its name in Welsh is a literal translation of the word ‘gate’.

Ty Galan is a semi-detached home located on a quiet residential road where the terraced properties were built following the sinking of the coalmines throughout the 19th century.

Since its role as housing for local pit workers the three-bedroomed house was a modern family home in the following years. Orbis acquired the house in 2016, turning it into a warm, welcoming home for up to three children.

Visiting Arrangements

Maintaining contact with families is of paramount importance and of course we welcome visits on a pre-arranged basis. Indeed, we ask that family visits are planned so that we can ensure that children are prepared for visits and possible changes to their routines.

Living Environment

Ty Galan is a 3-bedroom, semi-detached house with a warm, homely feel. It offers a domestic set-up for up to three residents typical of many family homes. It provides a safe, therapeutic environment for young people who are better suited to smaller groups or quieter surroundings.

Children are encouraged to get creative and put their own personal stamp on their space, bringing as much or as little from their home as they like, and turning their home into an extension of their personality and identity.

At Ty Galan children are supported to socialise and meet lifelong friends in a safe and nurturing environment where children have access to a peer group, where they can learn, make mistakes, practice and ultimately succeed. Alongside their home life at Ty Galan, children have access to full time education at Ty Coryton.

Our Location

Ty Galan is situated in a quiet residential street near to Porth in the Rhondda Valley. It is a short walk from local amenities and the Rhondda River. It is also within walking distance of our pioneering day service, The Orb.

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