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Orbis Education & Care is a leading provider of specialist services for children and adults with complex needs associated with autism and learning disability.

We offer schools and homes for children up to age 19, and community services for adults from the age of 18. Our services are in South & Mid Wales.

Why Choose Orbis?

Orbis is a leading provider of schools and homes for children and adults with complex needs associated with autism. We are experienced in combining the very best in care, educational and therapeutic expertise to provide friendly and stimulating environments.

  • We are a leading specialist provider of education and care.
  • We offer a competitive & transparent costings model.
  • We focus on outcomes & progression everyday.
  • We offer bespoke education & care solutions.
  • We offer lifelong support & continuity of care: from childhood through to adulthood.
  • We work in partnership with commissioning teams to serve local sufficiency needs.
  • We see beyond the person's diagnosis.

What We Promise

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We offer great value for money.

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Our plan allows us to develop behaviour, learning, communication and sensory plans.

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We treat all individuals with dignity and respect, seeing the person not their diagnosis.

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We work in partnership with placing authorities to provide modern bespoke solutions.

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Education, care and in-house therapies combine to support the whole person.

Residential Vacancies

Current Residential Vacancies

We currently have vacancies in both our children's services and adult provisions, in both education and in care. Please contact us now to make a referral.

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For commissioning teams we offer value for money where support recommendations are itemised according to the assessed needs of the child or adult. Within our core model, we also split out our therapeutic offerings to ensure that local authorities are not paying for something they do not need. Our placement costs are transparent and our aim is to reduce support needs and their associated costs when this is deemed to be appropriate.

As a care provider our aim is always to help children and adults to settle and progress, developing skills and confidence along the way.

Outcomes & Progression

From the moment children and adults are placed with us, our focus is on preparing them for the future. Our flexible and personalised multi-disciplinary model allows us to develop behaviour, learning, communication and sensory plans that do not simply monitor these areas of development, but proactively lay out steps for improvement over time with measureable and achievable targets.

Many children who leave our services progress into Orbis’ adults’ services, in fact, last year approximately 65% of our adult placements were young adults leaving our children’s services.

Other children and adults return to their local authority, with confidence, life skills and aspirations, and are crucially better able to cope and communicate with the world around them. Their need for high levels of support is often reduced, and they are prepared for their next steps, whether they are returning to a mainstream education setting, back at home with family, or in another adult service.

A Creative & Experienced Team of Professionals

Orbis was established in 2006 and since then our model of care has evolved, informed by best practice and emerging techniques. We know that when a model is wrapped around the individual needs of unique children and adults, education and care are at their most successful. Placements appeal to individual interests, strengths, personalities and opinions and in doing so they are at their most engaging and meaningful. Individuals are empowered to communicate their needs, to form friendships, and create for themselves a life that is both socially valued and fulfilling.

Our teams of education, care and therapeutic professionals work closely to offer a carefully blended model that places the individual into the very centre of their own developmental pathway.

Collaboration & Innovation

Orbis are always keen to work in partnership with local authorities to develop services that directly serve local sufficiency needs. By working closely with commissioning and procurement teams, we can place our successful sector-leading model into new and bespoke services that are designed around pre-identified well-matched peer groups of children and adults.

Whether it is to help families and local authorities to bring children and adults closer to home, or to prevent them from having to be placed elsewhere in the future, we can work with local teams to identify preferred locations, source suitable properties and to meet specific environmental briefings in order to meet specific current and future need.

Continuity of Care

Orbis offers learning and care services from the age of 5 in education, and 8 in residential care. From here individuals can remain in our services throughout their childhood well into adulthood, transitioning from age 18 or 19 into adult services which can offer a home for the duration of the adult’s life. Many of our adults joined us as children, and continue to benefit from our joined-up, multi-disciplinary model of learning and care, with a continuity of staffing and support and with lifelong friendships that were formed in their childhood.

Continuous Learning for Adults

For us, learning does not simply stop at the point where formal education ends. Children with autism grow into adults with autism. Adults who reside in our homes benefit from dedicated continuous learning and development pathways. Orbis’ waking curriculum of life skills and work skills continues, ensuring that adults create for themselves and maintain a positive and valued role in their community.

Therapeutic Services

Our model of care is a blend of education, care and in-house therapeutic services. Our team comprises of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Positive Behaviour Support and more.

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Orbis has supported my learning and development, helping me gain a Level 5 qualification in Managing Children’s Services, a Masters in Leadership, as well training to become a peer inspector for Estyn.

Rachel Hackling Executive Head of Education

Working at Orbis has taught me that with the right approach and positivity anything is achievable. I love being part of a company that has such a fantastic ethos.

Matt Dobbs Registered Manager, Summergil House

I absolutely love the lifestyle, atmosphere and the progressiveness of The Old Vicarage. Every day that I worked as a support worker was unique and I enjoyed being in a team of dedicated people.

Georgia Lubrani Deputy Manager, The Old Vicarage

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