C’s Story

C has resided in an Orbis adult service since 2016 after multiple placement breakdowns throughout his late teens to early adulthood.


When C first joined us he had little interest in anything other than trains and buses. However in the time he has resided in one of our adult services his progression and quality of life have gone from strength to strength.


Through person-centred planning, C has been able to achieve a number of lifelong aspirations. For example he has attended a rock concert, gained a number of awards and accreditations from attending Orbis’ Academy Living programme of continuous learning, and his confidence has improved to the extent that he has had two external work experience placements in the community.

Orbis holds regular adult resident forums that bring together adults from across all of Orbis’ adult services. In these C has come an integral part of how these meetings run. He is a representative of the forum initiative, developing his roles to ensure that he has an input into a wide range of areas, including service development and company policy. C has also gained great friendships with other adults through this forum.

Among C’s greatest achievements is his community presence and engagement with Active Support ensuring that he has a valued and active role in his local community where he can make informed decisions and choices that help him to maintain a socially-valued and fulfilled life.