Employee Benefits

We value the hard work that our staff put in, and in turn offer a full training and development programme for all staff. Many of our management team have worked their way through the ranks from trainees through to senior team members and on to senior management and board level.

We have a friendly and supportive working environment with a focus on developing the potential of our employees coupled with a competitive salary and benefits package. Orbis offers the following benefits (some may be subject to probationary timelines and job role).


1.Enhanced Holiday

All permanent staff who have over three calendar years’ service will receive an additional 2 days (15 hours) annual leave, and an additional 3 days (22.5 hours) annual leave for permanent staff who have over five calendar years’ service. Terms and conditions apply.

2.Childcare Vouchers

If you are working and pay for childcare, we may be able to help you with some of your childcare costs. We can provide you with childcare vouchers which can be used towards the cost of qualifying childcare. Childcare vouchers enable you to choose your own childcare provider. Your childcare provider must be registered with the relevant authorities in your part of the UK to be a provider of qualifying childcare. You can get up to £55 each week, or £243 each month free of tax and National Insurance Contributions.

3.Attendance Bonus

We appreciate those staff who have an excellent attendance record. As a thank you, every quarter we hold a draw of all staff who have not had to take any sickness or absence leave within this time period. Three names will be drawn and they will be paid a bonus of £500 in the following months’ payroll.

4.Train, Develop and Grow

We are committed to investing in you and promote both internal and external training to help you develop the skills to carry out your role to a high standard and enabling you to continue to grow and develop. The training provided involves an intensive induction to provide you with all the knowledge and skills in preparation for your new role. Every staff member has their own training plan to ensure that their skills and knowledge is updated on a regular and ongoing basis.

5.Employee Referral Bonus Scheme /Refer a Friend

The Employee Referral Bonus Scheme allows existing staff to introduce someone they know e.g. friend, or family member, for employment with Orbis Education and Care. Should the external candidate recommended be successful in their application, the employee making the recommendation will receive a payment in the form of a Referral Bonus. You can receive either £150 or £250 dependant on the role of the person referred.
The Referral Bonus Payment is made in two instalments, half when the new recruit has completed their first 3 months with the Company and the remainder on successful completion of the new recruits’ 6 months probationary period or any extensions to this if applicable.

6.Enhanced Overtime Rates

It is our objective to provide the highest standard of care and on occasion this requires us to use additional staff to fill gaps in the rota. It is always our preference to fill these gaps with our own staff. Furthermore if there is going to be an additional cost to covering staffing needs we would rather give that money to our own staff, rewarding them for their loyalty and support. It has never been our first choice to use external agency workers ahead of our own.

For all applicable employees an enhanced rate will be paid and once they have exceeded their contracted hours as stipulated in the Policy, at an overtime rate of “time and a half”. This will apply to the following shifts: Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night, Sunday day

All other shifts will remain at time and a quarter, with the exception of:
Double time for specific shifts over the Christmas and New Year Period (communicated separately) and Time and a Half for all other Bank Holiday shifts.

7.Additional Incentive Payment

Any employee who works 57.5 hours a month or more of overtime (equivalent to 5 long shifts) in a pay period will receive an additional £100, payable at the same time as their overtime payments for these hours. In addition, any employee who achieves 6 months of “57.5 hours of overtime a month” in a 12 month period will receive an additional £250. The 12 month period runs from November to November in order that this additional payment can be made in December’s pay.


Employees at Orbis also have access to our Perkbox scheme. This provides hundreds of team perks, as well as discounts from some of the UK’s biggest brands including Amazon, Sainsbury’s and Starbucks!

9.Looking after you

All VDU users are entitled to free eye and eye sight tests. Some staff can claim for an allowance towards the cost of spectacles (dependent on VDU usage and if they are required for VDU use). If agreed, we will reimburse you the cost of an eye test and up to £50 towards a basic pair of spectacles or up to £150 if you need special lenses.

10.Death in Service (Life assurance - looking after your family and dependents)

When you join Orbis Education and Care you will be asked to complete an expression of wish form which ensures that you have protection for your family and dependents in the event of your death in service including a lump sum payment of x 3 your final paid to your nominated dependant(s).

11.Equality and Inclusion

Orbis Education and Care prides itself on the diversity of its workforce. Equality and inclusion is a fundamental part of everything we do, in line with our overall people strategy to attract, develop and retain great talent. It dictates how we care for our service users, our teams and informs our company values.

At time of writing,  61% of our workforce is female,  the majority of which sit within our Education and Care teams, which feature significantly in Quartiles 1-3 of our gender pay reporting. In Education and Care, we operate fixed pay levels up to management level which removes gender pay discrepancies.

We are also proud of our equality record at management level. We benefit from a truly diverse workforce across our Home, Clinical and Education teams, with 14 female Managers and 11 male Managers at time of writing. We are committed to ensuring this diversity trend continues as we grow. In addition, our Board of seven consists of 4 female Directors and 3 male Directors.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – 2018

The gender pay gap is a point in time measurement of the difference in average earnings between males and females. This snapshot is based on payroll data from April 2018.

Median Pay gap

Our Median Pay gap is determined by listing all hourly rates for our employees in sequential order and selecting the middle number. Our Median Pay gap for 2018 is 2.31% .

This is a significantly positive reduction from our Median Pay gap of 7.9% in 2017.

Mean Pay Gap

Our Mean Pay gap is determined by adding up all hourly rates and dividing the total by the number of employees in the list. Our Mean Pay gap is 3.56%.

This is a significantly positive reduction from our Mean Pay gap of 11.25% in 2017.

Pay Quartiles:

                                                                     Female % Male %
Quartile 1 (Lower)                                    61.4             38.6
Quartile 2 (Lower Middle)                       65.9             44.9
Quartile 3 (Upper Middle)                       65.9            44.9
Quartile 4 (Upper)                                    62.2             37.8

As a progressive organisation, Orbis Education and Care will continue to challenge itself to ensure fairness and equality around pay and benefits at all levels, alongside a commitment to grow a diverse workforce, positioning ourselves as an employer of choice in our sector.  



You will be issued with a uniform during your first month and are entitled to three polo tops and one fleece.

13.Other benefits

You have an option of buying meals that are freshly prepared and cooked on site. This includes a range of healthy options all at a subsidised rate. We don’t make a charge for tea and coffee and all of our sites have free parking.