Employee Benefits

We recognise and appreciate all of your hard work, so are committed to offering a wide range of competitive benefits to suit individual needs, which can include:

• A comprehensive learning and development offering to ensure everyone at Orbis has the opportunity to flourish and be the best they can be. This ranges from technical training to soft skills. Our career pathways are clearly mapped out, and we are proud to say that we have numerous examples of inspiring career stories of current employees who have progressed through the business, including up to Board level.

• Active investment in key qualifications to ensure staff can continue to demonstrate and continuously improve their competence in specific areas.

• Competitive salary scales which are benchmarked regularly to ensure we are competitive with local market rate, alongside overtime opportunities.

• Competitive annual leave allowance.

• Company pension scheme.

• Regular recognition initiatives, including a competitive recommend a friend scheme, as well as an invitation to our annual awards event!

We also offer a wide range of additional benefits, dependant on role. Speak to our Recruitment team for more info!

Above all, you can look forward to joining an award winning team who make a real difference to the lives of the individuals we support, and do truly fulfilling work.

Gender Pay Reporting

Orbis Education and Care prides itself on the diversity of its workforce. Equality and inclusion is a fundamental part of everything we do, in line with our overall people strategy to attract, develop and retain great talent. It dictates how we care for our service users, our teams and informs our company values.
At time of writing, 61% of our workforce is female, the majority of which sit within our Education and Care teams, which feature significantly in Quartiles 1-3 of our gender pay reporting. In Education and Care, we operate fixed pay levels up to management level which removes gender pay discrepancies.
We are also proud of our equality record at management level. We benefit from a truly diverse workforce across our Home, Clinical and Education teams, with 14 female Managers and 11 male Managers at time of writing. We are committed to ensuring this diversity trend continues as we grow. In addition, our Board of seven consists of 4 female Directors and 3 male Directors.
Gender Pay Gap Reporting – 2018
The gender pay gap is a point in time measurement of the difference in average earnings between males and females. This snapshot is based on payroll data from April 2018.
Median Pay gap
Our Median Pay gap is determined by listing all hourly rates for our employees in sequential order and selecting the middle number. Our Median Pay gap for 2018 is 2.31% .
This is a significantly positive reduction from our Median Pay gap of 7.9% in 2017.
Mean Pay Gap
Our Mean Pay gap is determined by adding up all hourly rates and dividing the total by the number of employees in the list. Our Mean Pay gap is 3.56%.
This is a significantly positive reduction from our Mean Pay gap of 11.25% in 2017.
Pay Quartiles:
Female % Male %
Quartile 1 (Lower) 61.4 38.6
Quartile 2 (Lower Middle) 65.9 44.9
Quartile 3 (Upper Middle) 65.9 44.9
Quartile 4 (Upper) 62.2 37.8
As a progressive organisation, Orbis Education and Care will continue to challenge itself to ensure fairness and equality around pay and benefits at all levels, alongside a commitment to grow a diverse workforce, positioning ourselves as an employer of choice in our sector.

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