Welcome from the Director of Children’s Services

Hello, and a warm welcome to our school website. I hope that by visiting this site you will gain a better understanding of the work that we do at Tŷ Coryton, the achievements made by our pupils, and our vision, aims and values.

Tŷ Coryton prides itself on providing a friendly, caring and supportive environment that encourages all of our pupils to reach their full potential.

Our pupils are very important to us and supporting them to progress throughout their academic lives underpins everything that we do. This website will allow me to share the dynamic experiences available at the school and show you how the curriculum can be personalised to suit the individual needs of every young person that walks through our doors. As well as educating our pupils, we place huge importance on their wellbeing, health and care needs. Indeed, our school shares a site with our registered children’s home, which offers residential placements for those who wish to both live and learn at Tŷ Coryton. For more about our residential services follow this link.

The staff team at Tŷ Coryton are dedicated to helping our pupils to become caring and thoughtful members of the community. There is a strong emphasis on communication by whatever means is appropriate to the individual, as we believe that when our pupils are able to communicate their wants and needs, they will have the confidence and the skills to make their way in the world when they leave us.

We firmly believe in listening to our pupils. Many contribute to various aspects of school life through the Student Council, Eco Committee and pupil UN making choices about the school on behalf of the rest of their peers. All pupils contribute to their annual reviews either in person or through informative booklets completed prior to the meeting.

Further to this, we have a comprehensive and successful work-experience programme which allows pupils to gain essential real-world work skills and continuous learning, working in The Orb – a shop, cafe, laundry, office and kitchen on the high street in Porth. In fact, so successful has this provision been that we have recently been awarded the Careers Wales Quality Mark for our overall work experience offering. To this we can add several Wales Care Awards for recognition of our quality and model of care.

While this website provides a lot of interesting information, it is no substitute for a visit to our school. We welcome you to meet our wonderful pupils and their staff and to spend some time in our beautiful grounds in order to gain a better understanding of what it feels like to be a member of the Tŷ Coryton community.

Very best wishes,

Lucy Pottinger
Director of Children’s Services

Orbis Education and Care

Our History

Tŷ Coryton School was built in 1900 for J.Herbert Cory, a major Cardiff Shipping Magnet and became known as Coryton House. The land was originally part of the Llwyn Mallt Farm and the surrounding land was to form Coryton Garden Village however the First World War intervened and the development never took place.

In 1913 J. Herbert Cory became Sheriff of Glamorgan and in 1915 he became Conservative M.P. for Cardiff following the death in action of Lord Crichton-Stuart. He was knighted in 1919 and died in 1933. Lady Cory continued to live at Coryton House for the next few years. When she left and moved to London the house remained empty for four years.

After the outbreak of the Second World War Coryton House was used as the Civil Defence Headquarters for the Cardiff area. After the way it was used by the GPO as its Welsh headquarters. In 1952 the house and grounds was eventually purchased from Lady Cory.

Following a period when Coryton House was again left empty it was purchased by Orbis Education and Care in 2006.

In 2007 the House was re-opened as Tŷ Coryton School with its first pupil arriving in April 2008 and from to this day it continues to cater for pupils aged 5 years to 19 years with a diagnosis of ASC.

As a service Tŷ Coryton provides a safe, happy, stimulating and meaningful environment for pupils with an ASC and we are achieving this through the delivery of a continually developing framework, promoting access to experiential lifelong learning experiences whilst having a focus of promoting independence and wellbeing. Our pupils follow a balanced and relevant waking hours curriculum, tailored to their individual skills, needs and interests. This encompasses appropriate access to the National Curriculum and associated programmes of activities which enable pupils to develop transferability of skills and meet their wider needs such as keeping healthy and physically fit. Underpinning and supporting this provision through individual programmes for all staff to follow and group and 1:1 sessions, are the specialist services of our onsite multi-disciplinary team. This enables the therapists on site to assess pupils in a range of situations and develop intervention programmes which meet the practical needs of pupils, moving away from the traditional ‘appointment’ style of delivery.

The school also benefits from a fully accessible teaching kitchen space, with an attached café area where pupils can prepare healthy meals and snacks and also have the experience of selling these to peers through a weekly healthy eating tuck shop and tuck trolley. In July 2014 a large investment was made into the quality of ICT equipment in each classroom which includes C Touch boards, communication buttons, additional laptops, Ipads and desktop computers. In addition to this there is an ICT suite for pupils to use throughout the day.

Mission, Aims and Values

Our Mission

Our primary aim is to provide a safe and secure school environment that encourages individuality, confidence and self-esteem. We aim to optimise Quality of Life for our pupils by developing, nurturing and promoting independence. Our service model is Positive Behavioural Support, which directs us to focus on improving quality of life, thus rendering challenging behaviour less necessary. We will ensure that everyone in our school is supported to develop a positive image, overcome barriers to learning and have valued roles in society.

Our Aims and Values

Through our person centred approach:

  • We will encourage all of our pupils to develop skills and abilities which will enable them to make progress in their education and be part of their community.
  • We will ensure that all of our pupils are central to all planning and development and supported to make informed choices
  • We will ensure that we engage with families’, friends and advocates throughout and support our pupils to develop and maintain relationships
  • We will encourage pupils to participate in positive risk taking in order to develop roles, responsibilities and confidence within their daily lives
  • We will enable our pupils to optimise their independence

Our Objectives

  • All plans will be based on a comprehensive assessment of need completed by a multi-disciplinary team
  • The pupils and family will be integral to this process
  • Every pupil will have an individualised programme of learning
  • Every pupil will have an educated and skilled team around them that understands and respects their individual needs
  • Every pupil will have individualised education plan that will be updated on a termly basis based on prior achievement and national assessment criteria
  • Every pupil will have a positive behaviour support plan
  • Every pupil will have a risk assessment and management plan that enables them to take risks in a considered way.

Freedom of Information

The following information is available upon request

• Particulars of academic performance
• Number of staff employed at the school including temporary staff and a summary of their qualifications
• During 2018-2019 there were no formal complaints
• Particulars of education and welfare provision for pupils with statements and for pupils whom English or Welsh is an additional language.

All pupils have individual education plans which meet their complex needs, statement/EHCP objectives, ensure a good quality of life and prepare them for future pathways. These plans are shared with all stakeholders.

Where pupils have additional language needs, extra provision is provided as required. For example, specifically trained learning support assistants. 

Particulars of academic performance, including the results of any public examinations, are available on request. 

The number of staff employed at the school and a summary of their qualifications is available on request. 

If you wish to receive this information please contact Kelly Rose (Head of Education) either by:

Email: kelly.rose@orbis-group.co.uk

Telephone: 02920 544290


Contact Us

Head of Education: Kelly Rose

School Address

Ty Coryton
Orbis Education & Care Ltd,
27 Pendwyallt Rd,
CF14 7EF
Telephone Number: 02920 544290

Proprietors Address

Mike Currier, Chief Executive Officer

Orbis Education & Care Ltd,
Vision Court, Caxton Place
Pentwyn, Cardiff
CF23 8HA
Telephone Number: 02920 029922

The decision to send my child to Ty Coryton was the best decision ever. Her teacher and support staff are amazing with her. I couldn’t have wished for a more suitable placement. I will be very sad when she leaves.

Ty Coryton, Parent

Parents and carers are fully involved and receive regular updates via email

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