Referrals & Admissions

Our services are registered to support children and adults with complex needs associated with autism. The child or adult being referred to Orbis must have such needs in order for us to be able to move forward and consider a placement or to assess. Needs associated with autism may include a learning disability, complex communication difficulties, sensory needs, a need for routine and structure, challenging behaviour and social difficulties. We also support individuals with health needs such as epilepsy and diabetes. Other complex needs may include anxiety, pica, ADHD or Tourette’s Syndrome.

When assessing, we have to take into account such things as what model of care we can offer, the environments we have available, as well as compatibility with existing pupils or residents, and therefore whether we can offer a suitable peer group.

Our Referrals teams can be contacted here:

T: 02920 029 922

What’s the procedure for admission?

1. Anyone can contact us for more information about our services.

2. For a placement in any Orbis service, a referral can be made by social workers, careers professionals, family services, health professionals and commissioners.

3. Parents and/or a representative from the local authority are welcome to visit our services to ensure that the service is suitable for the individual. During the visit, we may ask you for further details of the individual. At this time a request for an initial assessment can also be made. The request to assess must come from the local authority or health professional.

4. An assessment allows us to gauge whether we can provide support for the individual, and can take place in school, at home or in their current residential service. After the assessment, we produce a report detailing the placement offer, recommendations and fees to be paid by the local authority.

4. Once a placement agreement has been made, Orbis will develop and implement a full and comprehensive transition plan.

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