Learn at Orbis : Ages 8 – 19

Tŷ Coryton School in Cardiff 

Tŷ Bronllys School near Brecon

Our specialist schools share their grounds with registered residential children’s services of the same name. For this reason, the majority of our children and young people both learn and live on the same site, thus benefiting from a dedicated 24-hour waking curriculum. Some however receive education-only throughout the academic year and live at home or elsewhere.

With this we can offer a wide range of placement options: education-only through the 38-week academic year, care-only, or a combination of the two, on a part-time or full-time basis, for anything up to 52 weeks per year.

As no two children are the same, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all model of education. At Orbis schools, whilst teaching is based on the national curriculum, we keep it flexible to provide individualised education that is meaningful and relevant, and delivered at an appropriate level and in an appropriate way for that particular student.

Education takes into account the individual’s needs, but more importantly, their strengths, interests, personalities and aspirations, and we know that all individuals, irrespective of their complex needs, can learn and progress. We offer a range of accreditations, work and life-skills, and a wide range of active leisure options to keep our young people learning, engaged and having fun.


Orbis Schools Ty Coryton and Ty Bronllys have been awarded Careers Wales Quality Marks for their work experience and employment skills programmes. Central to these are the schools’ links with our work-skills day service The Orb in Porth which offers young people and adults a range of real-life work options and accreditations. Young people can work in a range of environments: a cafe, shop, laundry, kitchen and office. Congratulations to all involved!







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Orbis Education and Care Brochure

What Do We Teach?

The decision to send my child to  Coryton was the best decision ever. Her teacher and support staff are amazing with her, I couldn’t have wished for a more suitable placement.‘  Parent

For every young person who learns at our schools, we set individual learning objectives based on assessed needs, strengths and aspirations. Our curriculum includes appropriate access to the Welsh National Curriculum, Agored Cymru accreditations, Duke of Edinburgh Award, vocational programmes of study accredited by ASDAN, AQA and independent living skills.

Progress is recorded using the PACE2 approach to assessing P-Scales, and BSquared assessment tools. With our curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to explore a variety of subject areas including:

Essential and Basic skills
Including literacy, numeracy, problem solving and ICT

Which includes art and printmaking

Leisure and Recreation
Including swimming, cycling, rock-climbing, trampolining, horse riding, walking, archery and canoeing

Life Skills and Independence
Food preparation, healthy eating, social interactions, relationships and vocational skills

Creative movement through touch, sensory activities, soft play and sensory diets

Complimentary Therapies
Including reflexology, massage and aromatherapy

Music therapy
Including free improvisation, singing, listening to, making and moving to music

Outdoor Pursuits
Including horticulture, conservation and bushcraft

Tŷ Coryton : a sample timetable >

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Tŷ Bronllys : a sample timetable >

Tŷ Bronllys : our latest Estyn reports >


For more information about Orbis Schools contact Colin Howarth, Referrals Coordinator on colin.howarth@ or 02920 029922.

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