Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support is a behaviour management system that helps us to establish why an individual presents with challenging behaviour, and to understand the very function of that behaviour.

Positive Behavioural Support recognises that beyond the behaviour itself, the individual has the right to a life that is as engaged and as valued as anyone else’s.

While many care models endorse imposing sanctions and restrictions on an individual for negative behaviour, Orbis recognises that it is more effective to reinforce behaviour that is positive to encourage the individual to replace the negative behaviour with patterns of positive behaviour. 

The Orbis model is underpinned by Positive Behavioural Support which puts the individual at the centre of their developmental and learning pathways. Functional assessments help us to recognise and understand exactly what a behaviour is communicating. By removing or reducing behavioural triggers, people can develop skills, own and understand their emotional or physical responses, and in turn improve their quality of life. 

Where autism is a lifelong condition, we know that people with autism can learn to cope with their surroundings much better. For Orbis, Positive Behavioural Support is the mechanism that helps them to do this.

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