Orbis Education and Care Mission Statement

Orbis provides specialist day schools and residential services for children, and community homes for adults who have complex needs associated with autism.

Our primary aim is to provide safe environments that encourage individuality, self-confidence, self-esteem and lifelong learning.

We aim to improve and maintain the quality of life for children and adults by nurturing and promoting independence. Our service model is underpinned by Positive Behaviour Support which means that we focus on setting realistic goals, and understanding behaviour in order to provide individuals with proactive coping strategies to overcome their difficulties. Ours is a non-sanction based model of care that celebrates and reinforces good and positive behaviour rather than punishes inappropriate behaviour.

Our aims and values

Through our person centred approach

✓  We will encourage the people to learn and develop skills and abilities which will enable them to be part of their community.

✓  We will ensure that our pupils and residents are central to all planning and development and that they are supported to make informed choices.

✓  We will ensure that we engage with families, friends and advocates to support our pupils to develop and maintain relationships.

✓  We will encourage the people we support to participate in positive risk taking, helping them to develop roles, responsibilities and confidence within their daily lives.

✓  We will enable the people we support to optimise their independence and engage in life long learning

Our objectives

✓  All plans will be based on a comprehensive assessment of needs completed by a multi-disciplinary team.

✓  Our service users, their friends and families will be integral to this process

✓  Every person will have an individualised programme of learning.

✓  Every person will have an educated and suitably skilled team around them that understands and respects their individual and educational needs.

✓  Every person will have an individualised active support and education plan

✓  Every person will have a positive behaviour support plan

✓  Every person will have a risk assessment and management plan that enables them to take risks in a considered way.

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