Lifelong Learning at The Orb

From the high street, The Orb is a shop, a café, kitchen, laundry and office. It is a place where customers can come and enjoy a drink and a snack, browse the shelves for clothes or toys, books or jewellery. To any passer-by The Orb is like any other high street shop. But to Orbis The Orb is a continuous learning hub where the staff are largely young people and adults with needs associated with autism who make the snacks, greet the customers, price the stock before putting it on the shelves, and create window displays. It is where they kick start their CVs and where life and work skills blend to create lifelong learning pathways that are tailored to the individual.

In fact, The Orb is Active Support made real, where individuals are supported to engage in skills learning, and where opportunities are identified for further skills acqusition and reinforcement, in a real-world, real-life, real working environment.



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