How do I Refer for a Place at Orbis?

A referral has to come from either your local education authority, social services team or health board. As a parent we can provide you with plenty of information about what we do and how, and you are welcome to visit our services for a tour.

Can I visit Orbis on a no obligation basis?

Yes. Please contact our referrals team on either 02920 029922 or by email on referrals@ if you would like to discuss our services and to arrange a visit.

Do you charge for assessments?
No, our initial assessments are free and without obligation. An initial referral is a fact-finding discussion with the purpose of providing as much detail about the needs of the child or adult as possible. We would also like to meet the individual as part of the assessment though we realise this can cause a lot of anxiety for many people with autism. We are happy to be steered on this, and can observe from a distance or as part of a class for example.

How are placements funded?
Placements are funded by a combination of education, health and social services, depending on the needs of the child or adult being placed.

What are the visiting arrangements for parents and families? Will my child be allowed to come home?
Maintaining contact with families is paramount and we welcome visits. However to avoid the distress that changes in routine can cause to people on the autistic spectrum we find that a little notice and planning is often helpful.

How do you decide what activities and schooling methods are best for each child?

Every individual who is referred to us is assessed so that we can gauge their needs – whether these be learning needs, care or health needs. The assessment is essential as it also allows us to identify the child or adult’s interests, strengths, personality and aspirations. In terms of schooling, this assessment also draws out key information about favoured learning styles, communication needs, motivators, cognitive levels, successful routines and so on. All of this comes together to create a bespoke curriculum of learning that appeals to the child, is motivating, meaningful and engaging.

My child is very protective about their possessions. Can they bring them?
We encourage each person in our care to personalise their living space with the aim of creating a home from home environment.

How much feedback on progress would I get?
We actively encourage regular contact. We host regular review meetings where progress and planning are discussed. We also provide updates on a daily or weekly basis for families about their children’s wellbeing and the activities that they have been involved in.

My child has a health condition. What are your medical facilities?
All of our staff are trained to provide a high level of care. Where there are specific medical needs, these will be discussed and planned for prior to the individual joining us as there is no onsite nursing provision.

How do you ensure a healthy living programme?
Although we recognise that many of our individuals will have very definite views and habits in relation to their eating routines we always seek to ensure that a balanced and healthy diet is provided for everyone. Anything that keeps the child or adult active and engaged, physically, mentally and socially is good in our book! Our aim is to ensure that everyone has a good quality of life and a socially-valued role in their community.

If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail:


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