Education for children with additional learning needs

As no two children are the same, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all model of education. We do not expect all our pupils to learn in the same way and for this reason the education we offer is bespoke and tailor made to suit the diverse needs of our pupil cohort. Whilst teaching is based on the national curriculum, we keep it flexible to provide individualised education that is meaningful and relevant, and delivered at an appropriate level and in an appropriate way for that particular pupil.

Education takes into account the individual’s needs, but more importantly, their strengths, interests, personalities and aspirations, and we know that all individuals, irrespective of their complex needs, can learn and progress. We offer a range of external accreditations, work and life-skills, and a wide range of active leisure options to keep our young people learning, engaged and having fun. Our primary aim is to ensure that our pupils can achieve the best that they can, grow in confidence and gain independence.

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