Active Support

Active Support is a crucial primary preventative strategy within the PBS framework. It changes staff attitudes to their role. They see day to day tasks as an activity or an opportunity for a person to take part in. Staff start to recognise that each activity can be broken down into steps. The focus is on optimising participation and every step no matter how small is celebrated as an achievement. Taking part in activities is the basis for personal growth and development, an opportunity to learn new skills, to try something new, form new relationships, increase social inclusion, education/work and independence.

Orbis Education and Care implement Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Active Support by:

Providing Training
• We have an ambitious training programme that supports all staff at all levels (including Directors) to achieve an accredited PBS qualification. We deliver Active Support training to all staff on induction.
Completing Assessments
• To help us understand the function of the behaviour and Identify the context in which those behaviours occur.
Creative Planning
• Involving all stakeholders (service users their families friends and supporters) in the development of plans that focus on improving quality of life and addresses the circumstances in which behaviours that challenge are likely to occur. We also ensure that we provide opportunities for inclusion participation and skill development.
Consistent Implementation
• Developing the role of the Practise Leader to support staff to implement the plans by role modelling, mentoring and positive monitoring
Ongoing Evaluation
• Quarterly Networking days that provide a forum for all stakeholders to have a say in how the plan evolves and continues to meet the needs of the service user.

By implementing PBS and Active Support we are able to focus on positive measurable outcomes for all the service users.