Active Support

The model of support for people with a learning disability has changed dramatically over the years. Previously ‘providing care’ meant that everything was done for the person. Active Support is very different as it allows the individual to grow, build their own independence and develop their own skills. It also makes everyone’s day far more meaningful and enjoyable!

The Orbis model is underpinned by Positive Behavioural Support, and Active Support sits wthin this framework as a way of supporting people to be fully involved in their own daily tasks and activities, so all the things that we do and take for granted, such as personal care, domestic skills, social activities and household tasks.


On 4th July Orbis is renaming Independence Day after a model of care that promotes independence for children and adults with a disability. Active Support informs so much of what we do at Orbis as it allows us to identify meaningful steps towards independence for a child or an adult. The countdown is on, so check out our Facebook page as we move towards the big day! Don’t forget: 4th July is Orbis Active Support Day!