• gav

    Gavin’s Story

    Deputy Manager, Ty Coryton

    I have worked at Tŷ Coryton for 6 years and have progressed from Support Worker all the way up to Deputy Manager. I have gained many skills and qualifications during my time working for Orbis which have helped me develop my career. I have experienced some wonderful moments over the last six years and have […]

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  • Kate W

    Kate Wilson

    Residential Education Worker

    My name is Kate Wilson and I’m a new recruit to the Orbis team. I came out of Exeter University with a 2:1 in Ba Hons English Literature. For two years I worked at Able Radio which is run by, and for, people with disabilities. For the past year I have volunteered at an after […]

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  • deborah

    Deborah’s Story

    Registered Manager - The Old Vicarage

    My name is Deborah Tonkin and I’m very proud to be the new Registered Manager of The Old Vicarage. I qualified as a Learning disability Nurse in 1983. I have extensive experience of working in Adult services for individuals with Learning Disability, Autism, Mental Health & Challenging behaviour in the NHS, Social Services and the private sector. My role […]

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  • Carolyn Jonesbw2

    Carolyn Jones

    Senior Support Worker

    My name is Carolyn, I am a Senior Support Worker at The Old Vicarage, I have 9 years’ experience working with adults with learning disabilities. Starting my work in the community, I then moved to a hospital setting where I progressed to the position of Senior Support Worker and completed my NVQ level 2 & 3 in […]

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  • david_story

    David’s Story

    Learning at Orbis

    The skills of the school staff have been invaluable during the past four years. David has been encouraged both to read and to use PECS quite fluently, two techniques which have augmented his limited verbal ability to great effect.

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  • img10

    Mrs Chesterfield’s Story

    AKA Mum

    Their expert knowledge of his behaviour, and educational needs, was key

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  • Picture1

    Bitesize Stories

    About Orbis

    We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and calming location. The impact on our son has been a revelation.

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  • orbis (6 of 22)

    Lucy’s Story

    Director of Education, Orbis Schools

    My name is Lucy and I’m the Director of Education for Orbis Schools. It is my role to run the schools and ensure that we are delivering high quality bespoke and inclusive education to those pupils with ASC. It is also my role to drive the service forward and ensure that we are at the forefront of […]

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